We live music so strong that our enthusiasm makes many dreams come true.

Prima Musik is an attitude.

Make music and enjoy it.

We make music that people likes and enjoy the enormous happiness it brings to us. Our motivation comes from the need of perfectioning our skills, comes from the desire of realising our dream, but most importantly it comes from the pleasure of creating and sharing music pieces together.

At Prims, there is no complex concept or fancy melody, we are just a group of happy musicians with our joyful music.

Good music is a quality.

Good music is never made by coincidence. Sometimes we repeat a rhythm over and over again to make it right, sometimes we debate simply because of disagreement on a pitch, sometimes we think really hard to find a unique sound. We try our best to create music pieces full of vitality, that can influence people.

Rigorous, is the key of our creativity at Prims.

Music is inheritance of life.

Music is everywhere in our lives. The rhythm of car's turn signals, the sound of newspapers in cafeteria and the knocking bell on square. We are all part of the music, we are all players of this "city symphony".

Music is abstract, but can easily resonate with hearts. It is not as straightforward as text, nor as specific as image. It is like a gem-blue stream, gently flowing into our hearts, gives us comfort. Or a bright nightlight, illuminate our way back home.

At Prims, we are committed to spread the culture and heritage of music because we do care about them.

Our music

At the beginning that we founded Prims, we didn't have very clear objectives, nor attach to any fixed music style. We just want to make something "different". Our musicians all have different experiences, different cultural backgrounds. This happens to be a unique asset for us. We had the opportunity to mix our ideas, inspire from each other and find our own style. We do not want to define our music, nor want to exclude any existing music style, so "fusion" has become the core of our works.

We have professional backgrounds in occidental music and ethnic feelings in oriental culture. With this advantage we start to tryout some of our ideas. For example, use occidental instruments in "Mo Li Hua (Jasmine flower)", "Sai Ma (Horse racing)" and other traditional Chinese music pieces. Or the other way round, add oriental feelings into well known western favorites like "Libertango" and "Tico Tico". Works mixing of Chinese and occidental music styles are naturally born. Of course, this is just a beginning. We are constantly refreshing our ideas and will bring more works of this type to the public.

Actually "fusion" is not new. In China, more and more composers use occidental elements in their works. Such as the famous composer and conductor Tan Dun, professor and composition director of the Chinese Central Conservatory of Music Ye Xiaogang. Their works have the characteristics of both occidental and oriental music, and are often performed with modern interpretation techniques, which emphasized the very unique charm of their works. To some extent, they inspired us a lot and encouraged us to continue to make good music.

Our musicians

Ping Xu

Born in Changsha (Hunan Province), China. I started take music lessons at age of 6, learning the traditional Chinese instrument - YangQin (dulcimer). At the age of 12, I was admitted to study drums at the Wuhan Conservatory (minor subjects in piano and vocals), which I successfully completed in 2002. In the same year I played with the Oriental Symphonic Orchestra for the CCTV New Year’s Concert in the Golden Hall in Vienna and then went on tour with the orchestra through Germany and Italy.

With great enthusiasm, I traveled to europe in 2002 to pursue my music dream. From 2002 to 2006, I completed my diploma of “Percussion Instruments” at “Joseph Haydn Conservatory” in Eisenstadt, Austria. After that, I completed my Master of “Classical Percussion” in 2010 at the “University of Music and Performing Arts Graz”, taught by Prof. Gerald Fromme. As an Erasmus student, I then moved to Paris. Under the direction of Prof. Frédéric Macarez and Prof. Eric Sammut, I continued to study at the “Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris”. In 2011, my commitment led me as a percussionist at the “Shanghai Opera House” back to my homeland China.

During my studies I was able to gain significant concert experiences in various performance forms. This includes my engagements with orchestras in China and Europe (Recreation - Great Orchestra Graz, Austrian Brass Band, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Oriental Symphony Orchestra, Orchester Symphonique du Conservatoire de Paris). It also includes my participation in competitions and tours with the jazz ensemble “Rhythm Xing”. In Shanghai, I was a percussionist as well as a drum teacher at Shanghai music school where I had acquired important skills as a teacher.

Since October 2012 I live in Munich. I’m an executive board member and artistic director of Munich Huaxing Arts Group and chairman of board of Chinese music group JIYUETIAN e.V.

Munich city

For a professional musician, cities like Vienna, Paris, New York, Munich, London, Moscow etc. have a very special meaning.

Munich, next to Mozart's hometown Salzburg, has an important place in the classical music world. In such a diverse city, whether classical, modern, jazz or folk music, they are staged every day. We have the world-famous Munich Philharmonic, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Bavarian State Opera. Every year the Summer Opera Festival will be held here in Munich. In just 35 days, around 20 different operas are staged. They attract thousands of music lovers from around the world. In Munich, every street, church or castle, resonate with all kind of melodies. Music is a important part of the everyday life in Munich.

Because Munich is so diverse and inclusive, we have chosen to set up Prims Studio here. We believe we will encounter more peoples like us who love music. Together, we could build a world of our own.