Impact of Chinese and occidental music

November 2, 2014, at 8:00 pm.
EineWeltHaus, Schwanthaler Str. 80, 80336 München

Mixing Chinese folk instruments, styles and rhythms with occidental music, is so called “Chinese music played in western fashion”. It is a special branch of the New Age music, the new Chinese folk music.

As overseas Chinese, Chinese traditional culture flows in our blood. In Germany, one of classical music’s birthplace, pure classical music is staged everyday. By keeping the originality of both world, a mixing of “new” and “old” music styles is going to be tested.

This is the theme that Prims wanted to share with everyone. Chinese traditional music, occidental classical music, an attempt of mixing tradition and classic. Here, you will listen to “Mo Li Hua (Jasmine)”, “Sai Ma (Horserace)” and other traditional Chinese folk music pieces, and you will also be enjoyed with popular occidental music pieces “Libertango”, “Tico Tico”. Let’s dive into the world of music to find out an intersection of every possibility.

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