Libertango is a famous composition created by Piazzolla in 1973, one of the most widely adapted Tango music piece from him. Libertango converged the characteristics of both jazz and classical music. It has successfully broken through the standards, brought the Tango music to a new era and speared it all around the world.

As Libertango has a such high reputation, we have considered it at our very first work selections. Among the many existing adapted versions, we can hardly find any Chinese version of it. We were wondering if we use Chinese folk instruments to play this Western Tango classic, with less lyrical but more rhythm, what will be the result? Eagerly after the selection, we’ve decided to work on a quartet version composed with piano, “Er Hu”, “Pi Pa” and percussions.

Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla (1921-1992) is an Argentine accordion player and composer, the godfather of Tango. His creative blend of jazz and classical music, pushed Tango from a popular dance music to became a highly appreciable pure music form, thus given birth of the “Tango Nuevo” style. He is also an important figure in the Argentine culture, as well as one of representatives of the South American music history. Piazzolla created more than 300 Tango works in his entire life, including the first Tango opera in the world “Maria de Buenos Aires”.

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