Mò lì huā (Jasmine Flower)

“Mò lì huā” is a well-known Chinese folk song. The song has a long history and was originated from the Qianlong period, initially called the “Flower’s Melody”. Now the most widely spreading version is the one came from Nanjing. It is now also designated as the song of the city of Yangzhou.

“Mò lì huā” has a remarkable reputation in the Chinese folk music. It is also known as the typical Chinese melody by the Western. The Italian composer Giacomo Puccini has adopted some of “Mò lì huā” melodies in his opera “Turandot”.

Our version is composed by the young composer Xiaoliang Zhou, especially tailored for Prims. With the familiar folk melodies from the original, the composer Mr. Zhou has also added more jazz genre to make it sounds more interesting. We’ve invited Mr. Zhou himself to play this song with us.

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