Sài mǎ (Horse racing)

“Sài mǎ” is a solo music piece wrote by Huang Haihuai for the Chinese traditional instrument “Er Hu”. Music starts in a neighing sound of horse, rough and unrestrained. Then through the special performing techniques like: quick bow, bow jumping and tremolo, the spectacular scene of herdsmen celebrating the grand race in grasslands of Inner Mongolia has been vividly demonstrated.

Our version of “Sài mǎ” is a meticulously arranged Trio of “Er Hu”, piano and percussion. “Er Hu” and piano played alternately, along with the percussion “Mu Yu” imitated the clip-clop, make the whole listening experience a lot richer.

Huang Haihuai (1935-1967), famous “Er Hu” virtuoso and composer. His work developed the traditional “Er Hu” performing skills while courageously borrowed certain techniques from occidental music. “Sài mǎ” is his representative work, one of the most outstanding work for “Er Hu”.

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